Sunday, February 5, 2017

Protea: A Guide to Cultivated Species and Varieties

"Protea”, a treat for lovers of Proteaceae, features the return of Lewis J. Matthews in his second inspiring romp through this unique and alluring family of plants. Matthews has had a life-long fascination for proteas and has followed the hybridization of them with great interest. For inclusion in this updated book, he chose a wide selection of the best, many of which are very dramatic yet have not been seen in print before, and they are certain to inspire readers to enjoy them in their homes and gardens.

In areas unsuitable for cultivating protea, the proteas are featured in exotic, floral arrangements; brightening home decor year round. Even gardeners who are unable to cultivate these amazing plants will enjoy being fascinated by the incredible variation of form and color portrayed in this beautiful book. Whether for the home gardener, commercial flower farmer, or nursery professional, this outstanding, well-illustrated guide provides a valuable reference tool and gives a fresh look at both proteas that are well known, as well as those that are recent arrivals on the scene. From the first page to the last, you’ll find advice on growing requirements, propagation, uses in garden situations, which ones attract birds and cut-flower production.

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