Saturday, February 11, 2017

Leucospermum: The Hawaiian Hybrids

Ahola, new from Hawaii - beautiful hybrid Leucospermum are the latest creation from the University of Hawai‘i’s Protea Research Project on Maui. Since the 1970's the University has been working on this exclusive collection of new and improved cultivars of pincushions, or pins, as they are more commonly called. This project was originally focused on breeding disease-resistant varieties, however, there was also plenty of enthusiasm to develop new hybrids for the cut flower industry. The goals were aimed at improved color, increased vase life and good stem length. The resulted - some amazing and gorgeous hybrids, many of which have quite complex ancestry – some with even ten species parents. The University is currently working on establishing the protocols for a wider distribution of these wonderful pincushions. Here’s a sampling of what’s blooming here in Rainbow.

Kula Sunrise & Metalica



Phil Parvin

Brandi Dela Cruz

Blanche Ito

Jacqueline Halbrendt


Tsuruo Murakami

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  1. Very beautiful! The 'Phil Parvin' in particular is spectacular.