Thursday, August 27, 2015

Wild Flowers of the Western State

Western Australia is one of the richest wildflower areas in the world. Its great wealth lies not only in the large number of different species to be found but also in the great diversity of the size, shape, color, texture and form between individual flowers.

Wildflower Displays in Kings Park and Botanical Garden

There are over 8000 native plants in Western Australia with another 800 that have been introduced from other states or countries. In addition, a high percentage of native species are endemic, and found only in this part of the world. This is particularly so in the southwest portion of the state where it is estimated between 75% - 85% of the known wildflowers grow only within this small region and nowhere else on earth. Many of the flowers can truly be described as ‘unique’. The Kangaroo Paws, Bottlebrush, Grevilleas, Isopogons, Everlastings, Dryandras, and many of the Banksias and Waxflowers are botanical curiosities attracting international scientific interest.

From late summer through early spring (August and October), numerous exhibitions and festivals are held throughout the state by local enthusiasts to showcase and celebrate the wildflowers of the particular region. These festive events provide a fun and colorful way for both locals and visitors to gain an appreciation of the diversity of Western Australia’s flora.

A Taste of Chitterinng Festival Flowers

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