Tuesday, April 14, 2015


This month Resendiz Brothers had the pleasure to host a very down-to-earth and hands-on event where the members of California Protea Association (CPA) had the opportunity to share different protea varieties with one another while mastering their propagation skills.

Members were all asked to bring their favorite protea cuttings to share or exchange with others who may not have that variety.  During the meeting we were all provided a flat of soil, rooting solution and clippers if we neglected to bring our own.

Mel guided us through the propagation techniques while we built our own flat of cuttings.

This event was not just for beginners, because throughout the process the more experienced farmers were encouraged to share tips and tricks that have worked for them.

This CPA meeting definitely proved to be a unique and enjoyable experience!  We all left with the flat of stems we created and a better understanding of the art of #PropagatingProtea.  And, if we're lucky, in a few months our cuttings will develop roots and we’ll have lots ‘new’ protea plants growing in our fields.

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