Saturday, April 18, 2015

Field to Vase 2: A Breathtaking Canvas

There is no food quite as rewarding as the food you've grown or selected from a local Farmer's Market.  Whether you're eating out or creating your own home cooked meal, there is something so gratifying about reducing the steps between the farm to the table.  And for me, the same things goes for the flowers garnishing the table, there’s nothing more pleasing than flowers fresh from the field to the vase.

At this week’s Field to Vase Dinner in The Flower Fields of Carlsbad, California, 113 guests enjoyed an unforgettable evening amidst colorful splendor on a fifty acre canvas of breathtaking ranunculus.  It was the very first time in The Flower Fields’ history that an event like this has taken place in the heart of the blooms.

Marissa Gerlach, executive chef of Vista Valley Country Club in Vista, California, was the evening's featured chef and Bess Wyrick of the renowned Los Angeles and New York-based studio Celadon & Celery created the event's floral displays using ranunculus in every hue.

Third generation flower farmer Mike Mellano, the evenings host who so generously provided the incredible venue – Canvas, personally led guests on tours of the fields and spoke about the growing and harvesting flowers.

Throughout the evening the attention was focused on the flowers, farmers and the amazing farms we are so privileged to have here in America!

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  1. Awesome photos Diana! Thank you for being a part of this magical evening. We have 8 more dinners for folks to attend: