Sunday, October 5, 2014

Protea Attraction

Despite being our favorite flower, proteas have never received the same amount of love and attention as they have in recent years - this 'protea attraction' has become particularly evident when it comes to weddings. 

However, they're not only catching the attention of brides, the ability of protea to attract nectar-seeking birds is one of their greatest advantages. In South Africa’s Cape Floral Kingdom protea are primarily bird-pollinated, and it is common to see the beaks and heads of birds covered in pollen that is being efficiently transferred between flowers. 

In addition, protea are an excellent food source, especially over the long winter months. In the Cape Floral Region, Cape Sugarbirds are seldom found far from the Proteaceae, especially in the early morning when nectar flows in abundance attracting a multitude of insects which in turn attract the Sugarbirds. Each bird has its own personal bush which it guards jealously from the other Sugarbirds. For the artist or photographer, these birds are a welcome subject since they do not flee at the sight of a human being. 

Protea have not only caught the eye of wedding photographers - check out these great nature shots! 

Blue Mountains Botanic Garden

Tinus Lamperecht


Ismael Resendiz

Diana Roy

Andi Wolfe

Greg Miles

Australian Plant Society

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