Saturday, September 27, 2014

California Grown Floral Inspirations: Part 2

Ready for a little more California Grown Inspiration?  Remember last spring when we shared some our favorite California grown flowers with three very talented designers and later revealed their creative designs?  Well, this summer we felt inspired once again and wanted to see what they’d craft with another season’s harvest.  Each designer received the same box of flowers and was asked to create something special.  What happened this time?  Once again three very different personalities, styles and moods were divulged - all beautiful and creative. 

The designers involved were Carmel from Mt. Lebanon Floral Shop in Pennsylvania, a Alicia from Bella Fiori in Washington and Laurie from Fleurie in California.  Each box was filled Protea Eximia, Banksia Speciosa, Grevillea Ivanhoe, Brunia Albiflora and Leucadendron Goblet, Jester and Safari Sunset. 

Here's what they created:

Carmel made a variety of wonderful designs - from a large colorful centerpiece (love the message), to a beautifully decorated street lamp, a lovely table arrangement and even a matching ring and bracelet.

Alicia created a fabulous arrangement in an elegant crystal container and a gorgeous green and burgundy hand-tied bouquet.

Laurie designed a spectacular centerpiece in a rustic wooden container.

With all these amazing designs - I couldn't help but feel inspired to grab an armful of flowers and create something special too!

Thanks Carmel, Alicia and Laurie for inspiring us once again!

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