Saturday, July 19, 2014


Did you know the fabulous ‘silver tree’ has given its name to an entire genus of Proteaceae?  The tree also reveals the obvious allure of this unique group – the splendor of its foliage. 

The name Leucadendron is derived from the Greek leukas meaning ‘white’ and dendron meaning ‘tree’.  This wonderful species as a group has chosen to focus less on the amazing flowers that we associate with other proteas.  Instead, they emphasize the beauty of their leaves.

Leucadendron are also unique among the Proteaceae in that each variety comes in separate sexes, both male and female which accounts for the incredible array of hues and textures we see throughout the year.  However, during the summer months and well into autumn the dominate color scheme includes reds, greens and golden tones. Here’s a preview of some of the radiant varieties currently being harvested:

Salignum Pink

Safari Sunset

Inca Gold 




Leucadendron - The splendors is in its foliage!  What’s your favorite?

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