Sunday, July 27, 2014

Handmade Rainbow Wedding: Allison & William

Allison and her family have been my neighbors in the hills of Rainbow for over ten years.  When Allison decide to get married, she knew she did not want a traditional wedding.  Her biggest priority was deciding on the venue where her and her fiance√©, William, could put on an amazing party for their family and friends in a a spot that was a real reflection of them and their style.  Allison grew up in Rainbow and for years has seen the land around her transform from steep brushy hillsides to colorful flower fields.  So, Allsion decided the wedding should be over-looking the flower fields and the reception in her front yard.  The next decision to make was the flowers - her bouquet, the buffet table, the head-table and centerpieces.  Allison stopped by to see me just week's before the wedding and asked if I would help her with the arrangements - she really wanted to incorporate Protea into the theme as well.  I was thrilled to help - it's not too often I get to wear the flower farmer florist hat and personally deliver handmade arrangements.  Allison and William were thrilled with the flowers and I enjoyed them too!



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