Monday, June 18, 2012

An Internship in Flower Farming

This summer Resendiz Brothers has the pleasure to host Pauline Nogueira, a French Intern and student of agriculture at Campus de Pouille in Angers. She will be spending the next three months learning all about the art of flower farming. 

Pauline's first week included a special tour of our flower fields, where she experienced firsthand what flowers are currently being harvested and how they grow.

Creating a beautiful hand-tied bouquet right in the field was the highlight of our tour!

In the packing house, it was time for Pauline to become acquainted with more of our flowers, and how they are prepared for packing and shipping.

In the nursery, Pauline assisted with the re-potting of young plants.

Finally, our 'thanks' to Pauline for preparing a special French meal, 'Blanquette de Veau", it was the "perfect way to end her first week!  Stay tuned for more on Pauline's flower farming internship.

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