Sunday, January 15, 2012

Leucadendron Silver Tree: A Rose Parade Favorite

Famed for its spectacular foliage, Leucadendron Argenteum or often called "Silver Tree" has wonderful large, broadly pointed green leaves covered in silver silken hairs. These leaves create a vivid display as they shimmer in the wind. And, 'Shimmer' is just what they do when used on Rose Parade Floats! This year at the 123 Tournament of Roses Parade, Silver Tree leaves were spotted on many of the beautifully decorated floats. Here are a few of the wonderful ways this fabulous foliage was displayed!

Adorning dolphins.

Embellishing a dragon's neck and body.

Trimming a castle.

Decorating a water tower.

Adorning a train engine.

Embossing a gun barrel.

Covering a helicopter's rotor blades.

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  1. Wonderful to see the South African Silver Tree at the parade! Madine from Cape Town