Thursday, April 22, 2021

Creating the Perfect Ambience: Flowers & Candles

What do you get when you pair gorgeous proteas and the warm glow of candles? The perfect ambience, of course. Together, they evoke not just elegance and romance, but they unite the powers of the mind, body and spirit. The leucospermum's textural styles and the leucadendron's colorful bracts add an interesting contrast to the subtle lighting created by candles. Plus, there's a seasonal seduction, too. When you use an array of spring proteas, like waratah, isopogon, banksia, leucospermum and dryandra you're celebrating the glories of nature. And spring scented candles provide floral and herbal aromas that enhance your mood and feelings of calm and tranquility.

No matter what season of year… indoors or outdoors, striking candle centerpiece casts a lovely light over the table.

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