Saturday, February 27, 2021

In the Field: Leucospermum – Pincushions

Spring has finally sprung here in Rainbow! The Leucospermum fields are slowly starting to come to life, and with your first glimpse of these unique looking flowers… you just might think a fireworks display somehow fell out of the sky.

Some of the most popular members of the Proteaceae family, Leucospermum are easily recognized by their flower-heads with long, conspicuous styles, each one thickened at its apex to form a pollen presenter. Together the mass of styles, look a lot like pins bristling from a pincushion, a similarity that has given rise to their popular name Pincushions.

Unlike flowers of the genus Protea, which rely on their showy bracts for visual appeal, Leucospermum put all their art into the colors of the flowers themselves as well as the flowing shape of each curving component. These fanciful blooms atop sturdy stems create colorful focal points in the field and when displayed in floral designs.

Leucospermums are not only popular for their beautiful flowering heads, but the plants are also easily cultivated and make wonderful garden shrubs. They are fast growing and can produce a fabulous display of yellow, orange, red and even multi-colored blooms for years when grow under the right conditions.


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  2. Beautiful! We just bought two Leucospermum plants this weekend for our backyard. Can't wait to see them grow and flower over the years!

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