Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Connected to Nature With Dried Flowers

In the midst of a pandemic, all roads seem to point towards a life that is more connected to nature and eco-friendly. It might be a trend, but it’s not one that will go out of style. Living sustainably means adapting our lives so that we avoid further depletion of our natural resources.

This earthy connection has become quite evident as we're seeing more organic, natural colors and textures being used in floral design. Dried flowers provide another way to bring nature and simplicity into our homes and lives.

Instead of thinking of dried flowers as a substitute for fresh flowers, we can think of them as a complement to the fresh flowers. Dried flowers expose us to a whole new universe of color palettes and textures, expanding the range of choices for use in designs. When looking for colors that are antique and muted, dried flowers can fit the bill perfectly. You can create a design using only dried flowers or use them together with fresh flowers to create a more dynamic arrangement.

How to Dry Your own Flowers…
Start by removing any excess leaves from flowers and cut stems to your desired length. Then, hang them in a dark area like a closet to help them retain their color. Blooms can be hung individually or bundled together, but do not overcrowd any bunches. If you are in a humid area, try hanging a paper bag over the flowers while they dry, it will absorb any moisture released from the flowers during the drying process and keep dust off the blooms. Let them hang undisturbed for three weeks or until they’re completely dry. And always dry more than what you need.

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