Monday, August 31, 2020

Fabuous Foliage

Leaves can be show-offs in their own right, especially during autumn months. Variegated Leucadendron Jester does that every time. When we place stems at the base of an arrangement, they become the attraction, stealing glances from the protea. You can see why it is so named as it definitely sports colors of scarlet, green and cream. Its other names, Safari Sunshine and Katie’s Blush make a delightful reference to all its colors and is a gesture to it being kin to Safari Sunset.

Ivanhoe boasts foliage that is so long lasting, usually out living every fresh flower in a centerpiece. Bursting with color, texture and volume, this extremely popular species of the Australian genus of Grevillea is a hybrid cultivar. It has beautiful serrated and deeply cut foliage with deep green leaves and silver undersides, while new growth is a bronze color.

Varying colors of eucalyptus leaves when neatly displayed on a tabletop can serve as a textured table runner or garland. In wreaths, eucalyptus emits its own kind of botanical magic as it adds a light lacy touch. Eucalyptus foliage is available in lots of wonderful shapes and sizes – long and thin, oval and round, feathery, with cones, pods and seeds– the varieties are endless!

These gifts of nature truly stir our imagination and keep us connected to the earth.

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