Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Protea Susannae

Like clockwork… just days following the summer solstice, we’re seeing Susannae! Yes, it’s that time of the year once again when we transition from pincushion season into protea season and there’s a bounty of pink buds popping up throughout the fields. Typically, one of the first protea to arrive on the summer scene is Susannae, and it’s time to put her in the spotlight.

Protea Susannae is one of the easiest protea to grow and quite prolific summer through fall! This gorgeous flower is comprised of a large cup-shaped bloom surrounded by pinkish-red bracts with beige tints. The peaked central dome takes on a wine hue that fades into a pinkish-white at the base, looking a bit ‘shabby-chic’ when the flower is fully open. The leaves are long and dark green with a faint red fringe.

Stunning no matter how arranged, Susannae is perfect mixed in bouquets, centerpieces and especially wreaths!

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