Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Banksia Integrifolia Wreath

If you’re looking for thriving organic floral displays in your home or office, you need to ponder beyond just flowers – the foliage is just as important as the blooms you choose. Leaves come in all shapes, sizes and colors and now, Banksia integrifolia is in the limelight. If you are not familiar with integrifolia or sometimes called Coast banksia or white honeysuckle, the foliage is fickle: the younger leaves are usually broad and irregular toothed, while the mature leaves are smooth and spear shaped. They have white undersides that tend to give the leaves a silvery look.

Integrifolia is lush and long-lasting, making it the perfect textured foliage for any wreath. Plus, it blends well with just about any flowers or greens enabling you to create your own unique display.

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