Monday, April 29, 2019

Flower News: April’s Stories of Interest from Around the World

Heat-Resistant Wedding Bouquets Perfect for Summer

Finding the perfect wedding bouquet can be a challenge, whatever the season. But what about sourcing buds for a celebration that takes place during the summer, when the weather adds an extra variable to your decisions? That makes things even more difficult. If you're planning a celebration in a location known for its summer heat waves, it may be in your best interest to pick an arrangement that'll stand up to the sky-high temps.

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The Unlikely Florist is sweeping Venice off its feet with
rustic bouquets and a van named Untho

It’s hard not to fall for The Unlikely Florist’s beautiful bouquets. Spilling from a 1980 VW Vanagon, the rustic arrangements of blushing protea, ruddy South African pincushions and mustard-yellow billy balls attract people like spring blossoms charm honey bees. Small children run to the modified camper van parked outside the beachy Great White café on Pacific Avenue as if it were hawking ice cream; parents wrangle them to get a family picture. Aspiring social media influencers flock to the flora, burying camera-ready faces into bouquets that make for inspired accent pieces in requisite photos of the Venice Sign instantly shared to “the Gram.”

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Boost the awesome power of your flowers by
buying them from local growers

THERE’S NO DENYING a flower’s power. Whether it’s the lush extravagance of a bride’s bouquet or the sweetly fragrant posy celebrating a child’s birth, the twang on our heartstrings is real.

Flowers even have a language of their own, developed by poets, lovers and the occasional passive-aggressive lout. A quaint practice begun in the Victorian era allowed shy suitors to send secret messages by means of a carefully chosen bouquet — be it one of affection (composed of carnations, red roses and heliotrope, denoting faithfulness, love and devotion), or a cleverly disguised social dagger (snapdragons, yellow roses and zinnias, with their implicit message of revenge, jealousy and absence!).

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