Sunday, December 30, 2018

Tis the Season: Waxflower

Waxflower season is upon us, and with it comes an abundance of those beloved fragrant flowers. Belonging to the Chamelaucium genus of shrubs and stemming from the myrtle family, they are related to Leptospermum and Thryptomene. Waxflower includes over a 100 varieties of Geraldton wax or Chamelaucium uncinatum and other Chamelaucium species and hybrids. Some of the more common hybrids are classified as Pearlflowers, Gemflowers or Starflowers. These amazing plants typically bloom early winter through spring and, are widely grown for their frilly eye-catching blooms.

The name waxflower is due to the slight waxy feel of the petals. The leaves, which contain oil glands, are small to medium in size and boast a beautiful lemony fresh scent when crushed. The blooms are delicate in style, flaunting five petals, ten stamens and a small, hardened fruit.

Also known as the flower of romance, waxflower is symbolic of patience and lasting love, which makes them a popular option for Valentine’s Day and weddings. These fabulous flowers have an abundance of uses in bouquets and arrangements, as well as in flower crowns and corsages, as cake embellishments, and simply, left all alone on a desk or table to be enjoyed for weeks.


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed your article, I had no idea of these Austalian flowers, I had never heard of their characteristics.
    I'm a previous floral designer & still have a strong interest in any knowledge of flowers, God's wonder he gave to us. I'm 80yrs old now so all I can do is learn more. My grandparents lived in Pasadena,CA & I was born & raised in L.A.. When I first got into the business we had to go to the flower mart in L.A. later I moved to O.C. & was able to go their with my retail license. I think my love for flowers stems back to my early years including working on the floats & my parents from the midwest settled & had 1 acrs of land which they had everything that grew in the ground. I now live in Riverside Cty & bought a 55 plus that had purple Iris & tons of Roses which my mother also had as her favorites. They are buried at Rose Hills cemetary which has the most beautiful rose garden I have ever seen. Thank you again for your sharing the knowledge of these flowers with the lemony scents also. Charlotte Sechler

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