Monday, December 25, 2017

Designing with Helen – Part 2

We first met Helen Davis this summer when Mel was the featured farmer in the California State Floral Association’s booth at the State Fair in Sacramento. With some determination, her daughter, Laura, brought her to meet Mel and see the protea. She was asked to pick the flowers of her choice and make her own special protea bouquet which she proudly took home with her. Meeting Helen and seeing her light-up as she created her bouquet has since been a highlight of ‘2017’ for both Mel and me!

To our delight earlier this month, we heard from Laura once again. She asked if she could bring her mother down to see the farm around the middle of the month. Since we saw Helen in July, she had been diagnosed with a rare cancer and Laura wanted her to visit us while she was active and able to make the trip. Laura said, “We have been living your flowers from afar but it’s time to see the real thing in person.”

They decided to join us on the 16th for our farm tour, wreath class and a special trip up into Rainbow to see the flower fields or what Helen called, Protea Heaven!”

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