Sunday, August 6, 2017

Back to the Floral Future

This summer the California State Floral Association took fair goers back in time at the California State Fair in Sacramento! Sharing the stories about the California flower industry, its history, and how flowers go from the farm, to the wholesaler, to the florist and finally to the consumer.

All fair long protea were seen at the CSFA booth, used in competitions, and of course decorating the entire State Fair. However, Resendiz Brothers was the featured farm for the fair’s finale weekend. We were there sharing our flowers, our history, and information on where we are today!

Many thanks to our friends at the California State Floral Association and Flora Fresh Inc. for being such amazing hosts during our visit and to designer, Terri Berbena, for the beautiful booth display.


  1. I didn't know you would be at the Sacramento fair. I would have gone to the fair to see your display. :( If you are going to be at a public exhibition like this could you put it in this newsletter so all of your followers would know in advance and we could attend? TY

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