Sunday, November 13, 2016

Serruria Wins ‘Best in Class’ - Other Cut Flower

The Society of American Florists’ (SAF) Outstanding Varieties Competition has always been a great way for us to help increase visibility and demand for the flowers and foliage we grow, especially for the ‘newer’ varieties. During this year’s annual SAF convention in Maui, wholesalers, florists, designers and farmers awarded Serrruia ‘Best in Class’ in the Other Cut Flower category, and we were Thrilled!

Floral Management Magazine’s November issue states, “Attendees and judges alike had one thing – weddings- on the brain when discussing the prize-winning protea. “I love this one for its texture, white and pale pink color and vase life,” which can extend up to four weeks, said James McArdle of McArdles’s Florist and Garden Center in Greenwich, Connecticut. “I see it being a great filler in a low and lush arrangement.” Mitchell said ‘Blushing’ would be the ideal flower to show a bride who wants to blend an “edgy and cool” aesthetic with soft, feminine colors. The unique beauty also delivers in cost per stem, said Chivery, noting “the stems were laden with flowers.” Serruria, one of the most delicate flowers in the Proteaceae family, was technically extinct in the wild for almost a century until an accidental fire germinated seeds in South Africa’s Franschoek Mountains, according to Roy. “Conservation efforts in the 1960s and 70s saved it,” she said.

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