Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Farm Tour Day: Satisfying the Craving for Local

Did you know agriculture is the fourth largest industry in San Diego County? It is a two billion dollar industry - San Diego County has more farms than any other county in the United States. Most of our local farms are small ‘boutique farms’ growing ornamental shrubs and trees, house plants and of course, flowers.

More and more people who have never been on a farm have a growing interest in where their food and flowers comes from. In 2011 a National Grocers Association survey revealed that shoppers choose a grocery store based partly on whether it stocks produce from regional farmers. Top chefs in the United States say local foods are a top restaurant trend and a whopping 7000 American cities and towns have local farmers’ markets.

So, this year when the San Diego Farm Bureau asked us to open our gate and give tours during their 7th annual Farm Tour Day on September 17th, we rolled out the green carpet to over 400 adults, children and a few pets craving for local. Visitors toured the packing house, cooler, greenhouse and nursery. They even stopped by the office to enjoy a picnic lunch, pose with flowers on their heads and grab flowers and plant to enjoy at home.

It was a fun and educational day for our friends of farming. They left the tour inspired and learned that family farms are an American tradition. Every time they make a local purchase, they help support a family business.

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