Sunday, August 14, 2016

In the Field: Jester

We're welcoming a bounty of leucadendron in the field this season and when it comes to foliage color, we're embracing Jester’s lovely variegated palette. One look at Jester and you can understand why it is so named as it is definitely a ‘clown’ in the field sporting colors of bright pink, cream and green. Its other names, Safari Sunshine and Katie’s Blush make a delightful reference to all its colors and is a gesture to it being kin to Safari Sunset, though a much slower growing and smaller plant.

Like crowns in the field, Jester brings a rich and whimsical look to floral designs as well. Stunning no matter how you arrange it, Jester looks great when blended with an array flowers and other foliage or used as ‘focal flower’ in small arrangements. Here are some wonderful ways you can enjoy this fabulous leucadendron during these final days of summer and well into fall.

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