Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Secret Life of the Boutonniere

I’ll just come right out and say it: boutonnieres have been getting around DC lately. Those small ‘bouquets’ we thought were only designed to add a splash of color and texture to a wedding party’s lapels have actually been leading double lives. This week they were spotted on the Hill throughout the halls of Congress and the Senate? And, even in the offices of the USDA? The truth is, boutonnieres have become a lot more versatile than they may seem at first glance. For the 20 American Flower Farmers visiting our nation’s capital this week, they provided a lot of flower power – they’ve become a special kind of ‘calling card’ and a great conversation piece!

So, when it’s time for the annual CCFC Fly-in, we step back and call in our flower farmer florist Andrea Gagnon from LynnVale Studios (thanks, Andrea!). Crafted with only American Grown flowers, each boutonniere she created was unique and bursting with personality - keep scrolling to see what I mean.

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