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Hakea, or sometimes referred to as needlewoods, corkwoods, pincushion, cricket ball or frog Hakea, is a member of the Proteaceae family and its close relatives include Grevillea, Banksia, Dryandra, Isopogon and Telopea. Hakea, a very diverse group of plants, is an endemic Australian genus and is found in many different habitats; the tropics, mountains, the coast and desert areas. There are over 150 named species in the genus. Some Hakeas have spidery flowers, like grevilleas, others have globe-shaped, inflorescences, while others look like a long spear at the end of the branches. Flowers can be white, yellow, greenish, red, orange, pink and purple hues.

Hakea Bucculenta

Hakea Cinerea

Hakea Cucullata

Hakea Victoriae

Hakea Laurina

Hakea Corymbosa

Hakea Archaeoides

Hakea Multilineata

Although there are many ornamental and colorful species in the genus, Hakea has not achieved the same popularity in cultivation as its closest relatives Grevilleas and Banksia. And, in some ways Hakea forms a link between those two genera having hard woody seed pods with Banksia-like seeds while the flowers occur in Grevillea-like clusters.

Hakea Pods

Hakea Bucculenta

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