Thursday, December 4, 2014

Fun with Flowers & J – Holiday Favorites

As another holiday season draws near, it's often second nature to open up those boxes of decorations in the garage and place the decor in the usual spots.  Some of us just need a muse to get our creative decorating juices flowing.  Here are two of our favorite Fun with Flowers & J videos you should checkout for holiday decorating inspiration.

Link to Video: How to arrange flowers:Elegant Christmas Centerpiece

J creates an elegant Christmas Centerpiece - quickly and easily with the Wm F Puckett Majesty Collection.  Using Protea, Lilies, Tulips and a Satin Mist® Chimney, J shows you the tricks to making your Holidays Happy and Bright!

Link to Video: Decorating with Protea Wreaths and SNOW for Christmas!

J uses a Protea Wreath as a Christmas Centerpiece and shows how Protea Wreaths and Bouquets can be dried for continued enjoyment.

Enjoy - Happy Holidays!

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