Sunday, November 2, 2014

Persimmon - A Divine Fruit

Did you know America's Native Americans, the Algonquin are responsible for the word "persimmon"?  The Algonquin were quite fond of the fruit, collecting it totally ripe after it fell to the ground and enjoying it immediately.  They also dried the ripe fruit into bricks to create vitamin rich nutrition for the long winter.

Persimmon or also called 'kaki' is part of the Diospyros genus of over 700 species of trees and shrubs.  The name Diospyros literally translates to "divine fruit" or "divine food" and is an appropriate description for the wonderful persimmon.

Persimmon season is in full swing, which brings a wonderful opportunity to explore all the decorative possibilities of this vibrant fruit, and that's exactly what we decided to do!  First, we created two stunning fall arrangements which included a mixture of protea, pincushions, banksia, leucadendron, grevillea and agonis.  And, of course we couldn't leave out one of our favorite autumn accessories - the Wreath!  Persimmon, banksia integrifolia, olive and seeded eucalyptus branches were all weaved into that seasonal symbol of 'welcome'.

Then, we took our exploration of persimmon possibilities one step further and discovered more creative ways to use them.

How to Make a Gorgeous Herb and Olive-Leaf Table Garland

Finally, when it's time to replace that fall creation with a Christmas decoration take those soft squishy persimmons and make Spiced Persimmon Cakes - Enjoy!

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