Sunday, February 2, 2014

Pantone Colors for Spring 2014

As a flower farmer I'm constantly surrounded by color - it's what I live and breathe every day. Whether I'm deciding what new plants to put in the fields, what flowers to harvest for a particular arrangement or what pictures to use in a newsletter or blog - color is always a big consideration. And so naturally, when I came across this list of Pantone Colors for Spring 2014 I began to think about how the spring flowers and foliage I grow fit into this color scheme.

Yes, Dazzling Blue, Pantone's top color pick for Spring 2014 is a beautiful, I love blue - only there's no real blue Proteaceae.  However, when a Beautiful Scarlet pincushion is mixed with a Dazzling Blue flower the color combination is fabulous!

When it comes to the flowers I'll be harvesting this spring, Cayenne, Celosia Orange and Freesia are the perfect fit.  Cayenne, the color of Pincushion Spider, is a delicate sweet shade and is ideal for any spring arrangement or bouquet.

Celosia Orange is a spicy shade of orange and full of energetic color!  Pincushion Chicago is my choice for this palette.

Freesia is a 'cheerful sunshine' color that blends wonderfully with most any color and is certain to evoke warm and joyful feelings.  Pincushion High Gold does just that!

What's your top colors for Spring 2014 and what flowers will you choose to bring them to life?

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