Sunday, January 12, 2014

Wattle: A Burst of Winter Sunshine

It's not uncommon during these first few weeks of January to see beautiful fluffy yellow balls hanging or intertwine in the branches and leaves of the Wattle Trees or as we call them - Acacia.  These small flowers bloom in clusters that almost look like they're one flower and can range from pale, creamy yellow to bright yellow.  Like little bursts of winter sunshine, Wattle has its own sweet scent that varies from one variety to the next and some, like the Golden Wattle, have been used to make perfume.

Did you know that these fluffy yellow flowers have a special meaning and sentiment to many Australians?  During World War I it was a common practice to place a sprig of Wattle inside letters to soldiers to remind them of home.  Today, Golden Wattle is the floral emblem of Australia, and Wattle Day is celebrated on September 1st.

As a cut flower, it's best to choose a bunch that has only about one third of its flowers open and lots of fresh green foliage.  Wattle mixed with colorful winter Leucadendron like Inca Gold and Tricolor will certainly add a spark of winter sunshine to any spot in your home or office.


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