Sunday, October 27, 2013

Susara - A Little Royalty

Red, orange and yellow are the colors we often associate with fall, so it's no surprise that many of the flowers we get requests for at this time of year are also in those shades.  Leucospermum, or more commonly called pincushions, definitely fit the bill, but here in California they're off season until early winter.

Most of the Protea we're currently harvesting are found in hues from pink to burgundy, and with this year's very popular 'jewel tone' trend they're doing quite well.  However, if you’re a traditionalist and partial to the basic autumn colors, then you need to meet Susara.

Susara has entered the Protea scene with quite a splash and rightly so -she's Gorgeous! Often called our Mini-Queen, Susara is a combination of P. Magnifica (Queen) and P. Susannae - definitely a 'Royal Bloom'. This flower has divine grey-green leaves and cream to salmon-pink blooms with a dab of black atop her puffy cream colored center.  Susara looks great mixed with other protea or combined with an array other colorful flowers and foliage. Here are just some of the lovely ways we've found Susara displayed!

We'll be harvesting Susara throughout the fall and into early winter - so be sure to make 'a little royalty' part of your next creation!

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