Thursday, December 2, 2010


Berzelia, is one of approximately eight species found in the Bruniaceae family, one of the few families that is endemic to the Cape Floral Kingdom. It is a wonderful evergreen shrub that grows naturally in the wild from the northwestern to the southwestern parts of the Western Cape. Berzelia was named in honor of Count Jacob J. Berzelius (1779-1845), a renowned Swedish chemist and a professor of medicine.

Berzelia Lanuginosa in the field

Berzelia can grow to more than 4 feet tall. Its branches are long, slender and straight. Berzelia has wonderful soft, fern-like foliage that surrounds the entire stem from top to bottom in a spiral-like design. Its flowers are often massed in spherical heads and range in colors from creamy white to several shades of green, yellow and some varieties are even two-toned. Berzelia flowers from winter through spring. Then after flowering, it develops attractive, creamy white seeds that can remain on the shrub for at least one to two years. Berzelia has become extremely popular among designers throughout the world for its exotic appearance and wonderful texture which compliments a range of stylist moods.

Berzelia Lanuginosa

Berzelia Red Jelly

Berzelia Galpinii

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